Monkeying Around

Our readers make some interesting contributions.  These just prove the point that we are all Sick Little Monkeys.


Sick Lttle Monkeys Research Department

Our Research Director


More from the research department. Have you heard the story of the Hundredth Monkey? This latest report is from Macaca Fuscata the famed 101st Monkey. The report is entitled The Tenth Person and it takes a scientific look at the modern workplace and reviews the famed Hundredth Monkey story.




Sick Little Monkeys Intern

Sick Little Monkeys Intern


Our respected team of researchers has been hard at work.Actually, it was our newest research intern. They have analyzed the personalities of several cartoon characters and developed a test so you can find out how you compare.  Take the Cartoon Character Test.





Sick Little Monkeys in the News

Sick Little Monkeys in the News


Our fame has spread!  Toni D. of Racine Wisconsin tells us that we were featured on the March cover of National Geographic (left).  She provided proof of her claim with a photo of the cover. She also sent us what is obviously a hoax cover, shown below.





Trivia Quiz Book

Ray Hamel’s Book


Jeff D. of Philadelphia Pennsylvania informs us that our friend Ray Hamel (click on his name to visit his web site) is making the news with his trivial pursuits  You can get more information about his book, pictured at the left, by clicking on it.  You can test your knowledge of trivia by answering Ray’s Question of the Day.  Here’s some trivia about Ray and his connection to Sick Little Monkeys:  he is the the Special Collections and Reference Librarian for the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center Library.